Aaron Shea

BS in Computer Science - University of Hartford (2018)

Talks/Public Speaking

Game Programming Patterns in Elixir? (ElixirConf 2021)

Elixir + Macaroons
(ElixirWizards 2021)

Distributed Authz in Elixir
(CodeBEAM America 2021)


SmartRent, Inc Feburary 2021 - Present

Senior Firmware Engineer I
  • Building firmware for user facing ZWave based IoT device hubs.
  • Developing Elixir/Nerves based embedded software for IoT/Smart Home systems.
  • Working with BuildRoot, Embedded Linux, and Linux driver development.

Synopsys Inc. July 2019 - Feburary 2021

Senior Engineer II
Formally Tinfoil Security Inc. - Acquired by Synopsys
  • Developing API and Web application vulnerability scanners.
  • Created internal OpenAPI2/3 HAR and Postman parser library entirely in Elixir.
  • Designed cloud scanner architecture using custom Kubernetes controllers.

Geomagical Labs Inc. June 2018 - July 2019

Software Engineer (Applications and Tools)
Geomagical Labs - Acquired by IKEA (Ingka Group)
  • Developed custom software tools for 3D applications and computer vision technology.
  • Designed machine learning, auto-scaling, cloud pipeline. (Kubernetes)
  • Produced internal tooling for scientific CV research.
  • Cloud AI Platform Engineering (Google Cloud)

Digital Surgeons Jan. 2014 - Jan. 2018

Software Engineer
  • Worked with multiple clients, such as LEGO in Denmark to develop interactive web application.

Open Source Projects


  • An effort to enable shipping Erlang and Elixir applications as single, dependency-less cross-platform binaries.
  • Built a cross-platform tool-chain that allows you to target any platform from any host when building binaries.
  • Used internally at Synopsys to ship complex apps to low-spec environments.
  • https://github.com/burrito-elixir/burrito



  • Native C bindings for the PhysicsFS and the FMOD audio engine.

Industry Projects

Litwick, Synopsys Inc. (SIG)

  • Wrote an OpenAPI v2, v3, HAR, and Postman file parser.
  • Used internally to pre-process API specs for scanning.
  • Can convert documents to different types.

Wormwood, Tinfoil Security

  • Open source Elixir library to aid in testing GraphQL absinthe applications.
  • Published on the company's Github page, and on Hex, the official Elixir package repository.

Manaframe, NullBrush Lab Ltd.

  • Custom C++ plugin for Toon Boom Harmony.
  • Exports full-length videos without degrading color quality.
  • Worked with experienced animators' feedback to create easy to use interface.
  • Currently unreleased/internal due to x264 codec license issues.

Language/Framework Experience

  • Elixir
  • C/C++
  • C#
  • Node.js/Javascript
  • Python
  • React/Redux
  • Additional Experience: Zig, Erlang, Haxe, Lua, Flutter