I'm Aaron Shea. I like programming.

Check out my resume? It has all my latest projects :)

General Development

Elixir, C/C++, C#, Zig, Python, Go, and Java are among the languages I've had experience with in general native application development. Ultimately I'm a generalist! This has ranged from custom plugins to totally custom tools to aid in larger application development.

Web Development

I have experience with Node.js, PHP, ES6 and CSS tools (SASS, Less etc.) I'm mostly a back end developer, but have experience with frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular.

I also have experience with frameworks such as Phoenix and Rails, as well as tools like Docker.

Game Development

While I haven't released a game (yet) I enjoy doing game design and development in my free time. I've used Haxe, C# and C++ to develop custom engines and content creation tools. I also have experience with Unreal Engine 4 plugin development and Unity.

List of places I've worked

SmartRent 2022-[Present]

Synopsys Inc. SIG 2019-2022

Tinfoil Security Inc. 2019 (Aquired By Synopsys Inc.)

Geomagical Labs, Inc. 2018-2019 (Aquired By IKEA)

Digital Surgeons 2014-2017

How to get a hold of me

hey@[this domain]

Github (Work)
Github (Personal)